Why Firefox Is Preferred For Security Testing

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In case you are making use of or programming apps for Firefox, security is an element that has been given considerable attention in order to place the browser ahead of the competition - namely Internet Explorer. But is Firefox the perfect, secure browser?

Why firefox is preferred for security testing?

Microsoft Internet Explorer has come under considerable criticism over the years due to its relative not enough security features - while recent versions might have addressed these fears, many users nevertheless opt to use Firefox.

Mozilla’s Firefox browser is routinely perceived as possessing excellent capabilities to its competitors, defining it as an preferred for testing secure internet websites.

However this isn’t the full history. Although adept at handling webpages in a completely secure manner for effective diagnostic tests of https: // addresses, Firefox is a little bit wonky with other elements of surfing around security - it is just a excellent browser, but it isn’t perfect.
Firefox Security and Secure Websites

The Firefox security policy makes online shopping absolutely secure The most recent version of Mozilla’s internet browser is Firefox 23. 0, and this offers various improvements over both preceding versions and other browsers. For instance, Firefox doesn’t support ActiveX, thereby offering users a layer of protection that isn’t found in Internet Explorer, which is regularly exploited by rogue ActiveX scripts.

Firefox also offers superior handling of digital certificates, repeatedly asking the final user to confirm as long as they wish to proceed on websites with bad or untrusted certificates

Most importantly, Firefox 23. 0 offers the most secure SSL/TLS (Secure Sockets Layer/Transport Layer Security) of any of the major browsers, using the strongest encryption key (256 bit versus Internet Explorer’s 128 bit). This provides the most secure experience when carrying out online transactions by credit card or an online money service.

These characteristics are all built in to Firefox, and are among the best feature set of any of the available browsers.
Other Firefox Security Features

While the previously mentioned details make Firefox the preferred browser for website security testing, there are several aspects of the browser which might be less than ideal.

For instance, Firefox fails to make it possible for the user to configure “Internet zones” such as that Internet Explorer does, effectively leaving the browser behind in any attempt to compete with IE in an enterprise setting. Being able to handle several domains with configurable settings is an increasingly common requirement.

Private browsing mode is available through Firefox, a feature that will get rid of data after the browsing session is sealed, while pop-up prevention and anti-phishing filters enhance the end user experience.


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