What are Rational Quantify,Rational Purify and Rational Purify Plus

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Rational Purify is really a testing tool that are mostly used by developer as a way to verify Memory Related Error. Most of the errors which have been detected using Rational Purify are - Memory Leak, Array Bond Errors, Uninitialized Memory Reads, Uninitialized Memory Write, performance bottlenecks and gaps in code coverage during testing. Rational Purify gives you the correct LINE NO where the above errors are happening.

IBM Rational Purify is usually a run-time analysis solution designed to help developers write more reliable code. Reliability is ensured via 2 crucial functions: memory corruption detection and memory leak detection. Rational Purify packages support for these two run-time analysis capabilities in a single product with a common install and licensing system.

Rational Quantify is again a developer tool which assist in find out the efficient of the code. This component will assist rational robot to find speed and efficiency of the application

What it does ?
Your application's run-time performance-its speed-is one of its most visible and critical characteristics. Developing high-performance software that meets the expectations of customers is not an easy task. Complex interactions between your code, third-party libraries, the operating system, hardware, networks, and other processes make identifying the causes of slow performance difficult.
Rational® Quantify® is a powerful tool that identifies the portions of your application that dominate its execution time. Quantify provides the insight to rapidly eliminate performance problems so that your software runs faster. With Quantify, you can:
  • Get accurate, repeatable performance data
  • Control how data is collected, collecting data for a small portion of your application's execution or the entire run
  • Compare before and after runs to see the impact of your changes on performance
Easily locate and fix only the problems with the highest potential for improving performance.Unlike sampling-based profilers, Quantify's reports do not include any overhead. The numbers you observe represent the time your program would take without Quantify. Quantify instruments all the code in your program, including system and third-party libraries, shared libraries, and statically linked modules Rational Purify, Rational PureCoverage and Rational Quantify are called as Rational PurifyPlus

Rational Purify Plus:
IBM® Rational® PurifyPlus is an award-winning dynamic analysis solution designed to help developers write faster, more reliable code.

It includes four basic capabilities packaged into a single product:
1) Memory debugging (pinpoints hard to find memory errors such as uninitialized memory access, buffer overflow and improper freeing of memory),
2) Memory leak detection (identifies memory blocks that will no longer have a valid pointer),
3) Performance profiling: (highlights application performance bottlenecks and improves application understanding with a graphical representation of function calls) and
4) Code coverage (identifies untested code with line-level precision). PurifyPlus is supported on Windows, Linux, Solaris, AIX and HP-UX.


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