How to perform DHCP Server Testing

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What is DHCP actually ? How to DHCP Server Testing ? I know these are questions often asked the people who are new to this domain.We will explain about these stuff in details below.
Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) is a client/server protocol that routinely provides an Internet Protocol (IP) host with its IP address and other linked configuration information such as the subnet mask and default gateway

Questions and answers which will clear your doubts on performing DHCP Server Testing

1. How can I test the DHCP Server? - Answer: Plug in a client and watch!

2. What all test cases I should do to check the performance of DHCP Server?
Answer:With regard to testing performance or test functionality, the two are VERY distinct tests.

To test functionality, unplug the network cable on a client and plug it back in. You should see the client do a dhcp-request and the server act in response with an ack. Assuming that the client got an address under step 1 (dhcp-discover, dhcp-offer, dhcp-request, dhcp-ack) then you might have tested the main functions.

Testing DDNS is really just a matter of checking that the right DNS records get added.

If you really mean performance testing (alias, stress testing), check the mail archives as there have been a few mentions of tools to stress test dhcp servers.

3. What all tools will be required to perform the testing?
Answer:Basic testing - just the normal unix tools (cat, tail,...).If you need to diagnose stuff because something isn't working that a packet sniffer (I use Wireshark) is very useful.
4.How much time it will take to perform all the test cases?
Answer:Basic cases, about 5 mins. Beyond that depends on how complex your setup is - if you have plenty of special cases/classes/etc then it will take for a longer time to work your path through those.


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