Get Paid To Test Products

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Paid product testing is actually a simple process. You deal with industry-funded research panels, who then send you products through the mail with basic instructions with regards to using the product. Often times, these are food items, so you’re being paid to eat food. After a period of time, often a few weeks, you’re necessary to fill out a survey rating your experience with the product. When you submit the survey, the company issues payment.

Get Paid To Test Products
Testing can also involve participating in focus groups.Secret shopping is likewise a form of paid testing, where an individual test customer service experiences at a retail store.Product testing can be a way for companies to make certain that their products live up to the claims quite possibly making or that their products meet regulatory standards.

More commonly, product testing is a way for companies to compare brands, to see which functions appeal to consumers most.

Which means they need LOTS of information on how individuals experience their brands. Large corporations are specifically careful at extensively testing their products and thinking about their moves wisely before they invest a bunch of cash to roll out a product or ad campaign. They don’t want to introduce a flop. This leaves a wide and lucrative field for people wanting to test products.

How to Get Started

The best way to get started doing paid product testing is to sign up with firms that conduct tests. Some leads for you can include Nielsen Homescan, Mindspay, Swagbucks, and Surveyspot. This last service awards you points that are redeemable for money.

Yet another way to make money doing product testing is to attend a focus group. These require your presence at a specific place where the testing is conducted, so it makes less sense for stay-at-home-parents, or people who live in rural areas. You can find ads for paid product testing in your local newspaper, or by searching online for for “product testing” and the name of the place where you live.


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