Interactive Voice Response (IVR) Testing

Interactive Voice Response (IVR) systems tend to be complicated system elements giving an intensive set of features and functionality in order to complete or even replace human call agents.

The IVR system is very often the only contact a caller possesses with a company when he requests a service, such as arranging a ticket for a movie. It is therefore essential that the IVR system provides high quality, in terms of robustness, stability, correctness of the menu branches in addition to quality of the voice announcements.

Importance of Quality Assurance

Importance of Quality Assurance        In the today's quickly developing universe of the Internet , client needs to persuade items to be executed and redesigned speedier than their rivals. Client want more software releases with new features to be implemented in quick time frame , yet they don't prefer to work with defected products. As next version of the item will be released in successive periods, & gets just a few days of testing before it is sent. So because of this short time span or consistent releases the more bugs gets heaped up into the items and which gets piled up in the following releases ,right? Yes without a doubt, this model has its own particular issues. Releasing such products with such a large number of bugs into it may influences the client experience which has terrible effect on quality impression of your organization brand.Hence to stay away from such cases qualify assurance testing is needed.

Why We Love quality assurance careers (And You Should, Too!)

Quality assurance careers is also always very interesting where we can learn a lot on daily basis.Some people might think quality assurance job is not as good as other jobs like developer, business analyst ,etc but in long run we will be able to see the difference between all others jobs against quality assurance.IQ level of individual will increase largely with this careers and it will make the person always active in life and live in peaceful healthy way.

What is Risk Based Testing

Risk based testing is actually a testing done for any project based about risks. Risk based tests uses risk to prioritize and emphasize the correct tests during experiment execution. In simple conditions – Risk will be the probability of occurrence of your undesirable outcome. This outcome is additionally associated with an impact. Since there is probably not sufficient time to check all functionality, Risk based tests involves testing the functionality has the highest impact and probability regarding failure.

SOA for dummies - Basics and best practices

SOA is a interesting feature which is getting evolved in current trend and below practices will give a clear basics of SOA to dummies too.

Get Paid To Test Products

Paid product testing is actually a simple process. You deal with industry-funded research panels, who then send you products through the mail with basic instructions with regards to using the product. Often times, these are food items, so you’re being paid to eat food. After a period of time, often a few weeks, you’re necessary to fill out a survey rating your experience with the product. When you submit the survey, the company issues payment.

How To Run Unix Shell In Windows

There are three simple packages that provide a unix-like environment under Microsoft Windows: SFU, Cygwin, and uwin. There is also a relatively new player called colinux. A new product is available from VMWARE for free called VMware Server.

What are Rational Quantify,Rational Purify and Rational Purify Plus

Rational Purify is really a testing tool that are mostly used by developer as a way to verify Memory Related Error. Most of the errors which have been detected using Rational Purify are - Memory Leak, Array Bond Errors, Uninitialized Memory Reads, Uninitialized Memory Write, performance bottlenecks and gaps in code coverage during testing. Rational Purify gives you the correct LINE NO where the above errors are happening.

Why Firefox Is Preferred For Security Testing

In case you are making use of or programming apps for Firefox, security is an element that has been given considerable attention in order to place the browser ahead of the competition - namely Internet Explorer. But is Firefox the perfect, secure browser?

How to perform DHCP Server Testing

What is DHCP actually ? How to DHCP Server Testing ? I know these are questions often asked the people who are new to this domain.We will explain about these stuff in details below.
Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) is a client/server protocol that routinely provides an Internet Protocol (IP) host with its IP address and other linked configuration information such as the subnet mask and default gateway

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